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The Nucleanova_ec Battery

• Electrical output:  Load-following capability from 1MWe to 20 MWe.
• Duration:  10 years without refueling based on an average output of 10 MWe. 

• The unit is cooled by free convection of surrounding air.   

• It can be installed at any site as it does not require any proximity to a watersource.  

• Can be connected to existing grids, or installed in remote areas saving thus the high-cost and reliability dependence of transmission lines.  

• Secondary cooling for radioisotope heat decay is handled by free convection of air.  

• Spent fuel management:  Spent fuel remains within the MMR until unit is removed, thus leaving no nuclear foot-print at the site. 

• At the end of life, the micro-reactor is removed and replaced by a new unit if so desired.  

• All control mechanisms of the micro-reactor are operated by gravity should there be a shut-down by any unforeseeable malfunction. All cooling is accomplished by gravity induced convection, and the unit low profile makes it imperviable to any natural phenomenon such as earthquakes, hurricanes, sand-storms, floods, as well as attack by terrorists.