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Surveillance of Multiple Battery Units

• It is anticipated that IAEA regulators will soon call for requirements to organize the control and safety of multiple batteries dispersed throughout the globe 

• Arrangements are anticipated to reach and control each unit from a Communications, Command, and Control Center (C3) via satellite with military-type of encoding to protect the network. 

• In addition, each unit will be attended by local trained personnel with technical authority to operate the plant(s).

• Each command step to control the battery will require synchronized manipulation at the C3 and local stations.  The system will have total backup to assure connectivity. 

• Nucleanova will contract with an existing organization the fueling, commissioning, and decommissioning of the micro-reactors, including the transportation to/from each battery site. 

• If the number of batteries is too large for a satellite services company to handle the C3 functions, Nucleanova will arrange to create its own closed satellite system for global control of the deployed units.  

For more information conctact NUCLEANOVA, LLC