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Recent Developments:

  The  Ultra-safe    Nuclear Micro-reactors (MMRs)  

When the design power of the plant is below 20 MWe, the reactor may not need refuelling for over 10 years, and the most important parameters of the nuclear reactor fall within an envelope of safety and operation of a class of novel Generation V which are endowed of ultra-safety reactors known as a micro-reactors (MMRs). 

The cooling of the MMR can be implemented by passive means , and its long duration permits to eliminate any handling of the radioactive decay in situ.  In addition, the reactor can be placed anywhere near the customer site, and is designed to sustain extreme natural disasters i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and the costly transmission lines are reduced to an economic local grid. 

The installation of the MMR only requires a minimum of construction work, as it is buried within a silo, and the whole plant unit can be installed in a few weeks.  The plant can be placed at any remote site.  

At the end of its useful life (10 years or more) the reactor unit is removed and sent to the central processing plant.  If so desired, the MMR can be replaced by another MMR ready to go. 

If higher power is required, several reactors can be arranged in an interconnected array to meet the desired power.