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Micro-reactor Installation

• The reactor is installed within a concrete silo which in turn rests on a stabilized soil foundation.  The silo is covered by a sliding trap door to facilitate maintenance and observation access to the reactor.  

• The bottom of the reactor rests on a special anti-seismic adaptor that absorbs the excitations induced by potential earthquakes. 

• The installation is sealed as the heat is extracted by an assembly of heat pipes that penetrating the concrete wall, conduct the heat to an external high pressure steam generator.     

• Similar approach has been arranged for electrical harness that power the instrumentation and mechanisms within the reactor, as well the data, control, and communication harness leading to the control room. 

• The silo opening is tightly closed by a sliding door, but In case of seepage of rain/flood water into the cavity of the silo, the reactor functions are not affected, and the water can later be pumped out and disposed, as it is not radioactive.   
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